About Big Blue


There's something about Nature's bounty that makes you want to incorporate it seamlessly into your home. For thousands of years, the treasures from coral reefs  - namely giant clams, corals and shells - have been reclaimed as objets d’art because their infinite variety in shape, colour, and pattern timelessly inspires.

We, for one, are obsessed with these wild treasures of the sea, knowing full well that hunting for original, timeless home accessories to bring life to your interior can feel like a never ending mission. 

But there’s a catch (pun intended): our big blue isn’t that big anymore. An insatiable appetite for the ocean's treasures means that coral reefs worldwide are suffering. There might not even be any left in a matter of years if we carry on at this rate.

So that’s where Big Blue Company comes in. Born in 2016, we create beautiful sea inspired pieces that will add organic elegance to your home without exploiting our oceans one little bit. We won’t tell any lies - our products are 100% “ingenuine” artefacts. And proud of it. No blurring of lines with environment compliance certificates and fighting with sustainability boards here. 

Our collection of replica giant clams, seashells and corals is crafted from sustainable materials, 3D technology, hand-finished in China and made with our love of the big blue… and several trips with a pair of flippers and a waterproof camera. Big Blue's range of  synthetic corals, shells and sea inspired sculptures is remarkably real to not only look at but to feel as well.  In short you could make a complete artificial reef from our range or you could just enjoy one of our pieces to dot around your home.   

Each piece is a timeless treasure, incorporating the essence of Nature through intelligent design, adding a sensuous touch of wild beauty to your home. 

We hope you enjoy being the first to know about our collection and look forward to sharing our journey with you.

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If you'd like to see our collection 'in the flesh' please contact us on 
+65 9382 5604 or +65 9126 2519 .  Alternatively you can email us on admin@bigblueco.com.